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This quilting style, pronounced KAHN-taa, comes from West Bengal in India's eastern states. Women in this region used to hand-sew layers of old saris that needed another purpose as sari off cuts became plentiful. Kantha blankets or quilts, as one might expect, are made of a variety of colours and patterns, with visible stitching as part of the design. Each piece of these kantha quilts is completely unique — no two are alike!

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Because these are fashioned from vintage saris, each one is unique in colour, pattern, and design. Each quilt or blanket is made up of layers of thin saris and is warm enough to serve as a bed cover as well as a throw over a sofa or chair and has other many more usage.Layering is determined by demand. It might be as simple as two layers or as complex as 6-7 layers.

Each kantha has wildly varied colours and patterns, but you'll notice that they always go well together. Who wouldn't love these appealing and gleaming kantha blankets? They bring new colours and a sense of history into the home.

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These Vintage kantha quilts contain contrasting patterns on both sides, which is one of its many unique features. Typically, one side has a bold, heroic print while the other is more delicate. So, if you prefer to switch up your decor frequently, these are practically two blankets in one!


You may also buy kantha cushion and throw pillows made from these blankets to enhance you bedroom warmth.


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The lengthy stitch that has been sewed through all the layers of vintage saris has been left exposed below, a signature quality of the gorgeous and unusual vintage kantha blanket.

 We enjoy nothing more than inspiring you with new ways to utilise our products, so why not try utilizing kantha quilts as seat covers? 

Black Paisley kantha quilt queen by jaipur handloom

Blue floral fruit print king size kantha quilt by jaipur handloom


Beige Bird print Queen kantha quilt by jaipur handloom


Red paisley kantha quilt in queen size by jaipur handloom


Queen indigo paisley kantha quilt by jaipur handloom

They're thick, comfortable, and may be utilized as a blanket for you or your guests at your next dinner party if it gets cold! The beauty of kantha blankets is that they aren't meant to match anything, but rather to complement your other belongings. Take them for a picnic and act as spectators' malice.

Style Tip: Vintage Sari Kantha Blankets should complement, not match, your existing lovely decor, so pick one part of the kantha blanket that matches another aspect of your interior. Choose a kantha with leaves or paisley designs (rather than rigid geometric shapes) if you have a lot of floral in your lounge, since these natural lines will complement the natural lines in your flower decor.

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