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What is the best place to buy kantha Quilts

If you're looking to buy kantha quilts online and aren't sure where to start, look no further than this one-stop shop for all your kantha quilts needs : 


Our vintage kantha quilts are Hand-stitched in India ( Bengal) from three layers of vintage recycled sari cloth. These Reversible Vintage Kantha Quilts are made 100% Organic and Eco-Friendly and One of a kind. Each blanket is totally unique!
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How do I care for a Kantha Quilt - AfterCare

Hand Washing Your Kantha Quilt

The kantha quilt was traditionally washed by hand in India and Bangladesh. This is still the best option for cleaning your blanket to reduce the risk of pulls. For best results, fill a bathtub with cold to lukewarm water (below 30°C/86°F) and use a mild detergent.

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Hundreds of Fresh New Kantha quilts are now available on Jaipur Handloom

Each kantha has wildly varied colours and patterns, but you'll notice that they always go well together. Who wouldn't love these appealing and gleaming kantha blankets? They bring new colours and a sense of history into the home.

 These kantha quilts contain contrasting patterns on both sides, which is one of its many unique features. Typically, one side has a bold, heroic print while the other is more delicate. So, if you prefer to switch up your decor frequently, these are practically two blankets in one!


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Where to purchase Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale ? – An Ode to Kantha embroidery

Kanthas are ideal for bedding – as a quilt, coverlet, bedspread, bed throw, blanket… The multiple layers of cotton make for excellent Indian cotton bedding, naturally insulative without the need for any synthetic wadding.


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom


Being vintage, handmade and often made using natural Indian dyes they are one of the most eco-friendly, cruelty-free & sustainable quilts available.


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom


Kantha embroidery has become one of the most popular forms of embroidery in the present time. This style hails from West Bengal, however, over the time it has spread itself across the country. Not only this, various forms of Kantha styling have made their debut on a global level too. As a result, Kantha is being sold like hotcakes by the Kantha wholesalers across the country and abroad.

Kantha embroidery was traditionally dedicated towards creating dhotis, quilts and sarees. However, over the time, the culture and fashion of Kantha evolved itself to make its entry into the Indian fashion as well. The yarn is now taken from all the old and ragged sarees after which the design is traced. Finally it is covered with the running stitches and made into various apparels.

The handloom industry, too, is making the most use of Kantha embroidery. The beautiful Kantha embroidery is seen and found on a number of pillow covers, shawls, dupattas as well as several home furnishings.


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom



According to famous Kantha wholesalers, day to day life is considered to be the biggest source of inspiration behind this craft. Kantha involves the designs of a number of motifs of different figures of birds, animals, folk scenes, fishes and various imagery depicting different views of livelihood of the people living in Bengal. Apart from this, reprocessing and recycling is considered to be yet another form of motivation of the Kantha embroidery. This is because initially the women would recycle their old clothes to turn and transform them into something more practical such as blankets, covers for furniture, etc.

The demand for Kantha embroidery is not just restricted to India alone, but the same has received a global recognition. The designers in the United States of America, Australia,  UK and Japan are reaching out to local Kantha wholesalers to use this form of embroidery into their own designs. Kantha is being promoted globally in a number of forms.


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom



Kantha work has been in flourishing itself for centuries and it still makes the Indian fashion and handloom industry go around.  Jaipur Handloom is one of such kantha wholesalers where Fair Trade Kantha is ethically produced.  The recycled saris used to make our beautiful pieces are acquired through social donations and since the cloth is re-purposed it means no new dyes or inks. Our handmade Kantha products are then hand-sewn and hand-stitched by a group of marginalized women artisans in an environment of community, unity and cohesion.   It is a happy and social communal workplace full of smiles and laughter as their children play together.


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom



Few words from our  women artisans:

“We can spend more money on our families now. Whether we want to send our kids to private school, invest in property or buy groceries — we can do it. We can do anything now.” — Anita

“I liked the education workshops in communication. It helped me improve my life in every dimension.” — Anita

“My husband tries to tell me that I can’t go to work. But I make the money now. So I say no, I have to work. It’s my money & it’s my future.” — Gita

“5 years ago I didn’t think I could be here. But I am here. And I am happy now.” — Jyoti

“We have something to be proud of now. To leave the house, work, earn, and set an example for our children — it’s everything.” — Seema

“I have taught them to be hopeful. They have taught me to be hopeful. We can do it. We are in it together.” — Vinita

“My sister borrows used books from the school and gives them to me. When my husband and my children are sleeping, I study. I will pass 11th class this year & 12th class next year. I didn’t know I could do that before.” — Mamta


Buy Fair Trade Vintage kantha quilts wholesale at Jaipur Handloom


Because of Fair Trade, their craft provides so much more than living wage for these women in poor communities, it prevents exploitation.  Fair Trade allows families and communities the opportunity to stay together, in their village instead of moving to big cities in search of opportunity that they will not likely find.   

Shop Jaipur Handloom’s Wholesale vintage kantha collection and contribute towards kantha community.

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