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The Art of Handstitched Kantha Quilts: A Beautiful Transformation of Upcycled Saris

Explore the exquisite world of Kantha quilts with Jaipur Handloom! Dive into our blog post, 'The Art of Handstitched Kantha Quilts: A Beautiful Transformation of Upcycled Saris,' and discover the rich heritage of Kantha craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the beauty of handstitched quilts made from upcycled saris, expertly curated by Jaipur Handloom artisans. Embrace the timeless tradition of Kantha quilts, reimagined with sustainable practices and artistic finesse. Discover the perfect blend of heritage and innovation, only at Jaipur Handloom.
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Choosing the Perfect Kantha Quilt A Buyer's Guide

Dive into the world of exquisite Kantha Quilts with our comprehensive buyer's guide, brought to you by Jaipur Handloom. Discover the artistry, quality, and tradition behind every stitch. Explore our curated selection, ensuring you choose the perfect Kantha Quilt that reflects your style and supports sustainable practices. Elevate your space with Jaipur Handloom's authentic Kantha Quilts today.
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Most Valuable information: Comprehensive Kantha Quilts FAQs Answered!

Explore our comprehensive Kantha Quilts FAQs guide, answering all your questions about these exquisite creations. From stitching techniques to caring tips, discover the rich heritage and versatility of Kantha quilts. Your ultimate resource for understanding and appreciating these unique pieces of art. Unlock the secrets now!
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What is the best place to buy kantha Quilts

If you're looking to buy kantha quilts online and aren't sure where to start, look no further than this one-stop shop for all your kantha quilts needs : 


Our vintage kantha quilts are Hand-stitched in India ( Bengal) from three layers of vintage recycled sari cloth. These Reversible Vintage Kantha Quilts are made 100% Organic and Eco-Friendly and One of a kind. Each blanket is totally unique!
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Block Printed Indigo kantha quilt collection- A Colorful Affair by Jaipur Handloom

Design and printing 

Each sari is handprinted using a traditional block printing method to give it a unique look. A small wooden block with a specific pattern is tapped into a specially made mud before being applied to the fabric. This procedure is repeated until the cotton quilt is completely covered. The fabric is then sun dried for two days before the indigo dying process begins.

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