This tapestry arrived one month early than expected, which was great, and it was wrapped in several layers, making sure it couldnt get damaged on the trip here, which it said it was from India. I was going to have it hang over my bed, which is a twin sized top bunk, but it was so big, it took up more then that, and i even had to fold it over a little bit so it didn’t cover up my light.

By Briana on November 27, 2015


This just arrived today, and I am so happy with the purchase! It is HUGE and the fabric is a much heavier weight than I expected from the pictures. The colors are even more beautiful and vivid in person than pictured. I was HIGHLY surprised by the quality of this tapestry, considering how low the price is. I could easily see this being sold for twice or even three times as much in a boutique store

By jennifer p. on October 18, 2015


It's beautifully, bigger than I thought it'd be, AND an inexpensive price. I love it so much. I bought 2 and they're both in perfect condition.

By Krystal on January 13, 2016


at first I was a lil skeptical about buying a tapestry online I was debating if I should just spend 60$ on a brand one but that's way too much so I came on and I bought one and I got it today and I'm so glad I bought it the size is so big the colors are rich and vibrant , has a odd odor but you'll manage

By Tiffany on November 20, 2015


Purchased this item for my 16-year-old daughter and she absolutely loves it. It arrived exactly as it was described and pictured. She now has it hanging on the wall behind her headboard and is very proud of it. The material is thicker than I expected for the price and the quality is above average. We will purchase more from  in the very near future.

By gina kim on February 5, 2016


I love it! Been wanting a tapestry for so long, but so expensive at UO! So glad I searched on Jaipurhandloom before I bought it at the store, very cute and exactly how it is in the picture!!

By michelle osborn on January 13, 2016


This purchase was easy. It came before for the expected delivery date & was packaged well. It looked exactly as the picture in advertisement and the quality was better than I expected. I bought this for my son's Boho themed room and he loves it!

By Cassandra on January 9, 2016


The colors on the tapestry are very vivid and beautiful. Delivery was very prompt and the customer service was excellent. I'm very happy with this tapestry and it was just what I was looking for.

By Tiffany on December 22, 2015


My daughter received her tapestry today. It is beautiful! It was true to size, and the colors are lovely. Anyone, I know who is interested in one I will be sure to tell them where we received ours. Thank you for the enclosed letter and thoughtful gift.

ByBrianaon November 27, 2015


I love this so much! It's so vibrant and the colors are perfect! It did smell a bit weird when it came so I washed it. I would highly recommend

ByAlly mianoon March 10, 2016


This tapestry is SO beautiful! I can't stop looking at it. It looks great on my wall. It's a large size and the colors are gorgeous. I would definitely buy more from this Jaipurhandloom.

By Alyssa on March 9, 2016


Just what I expected from the picture. Looks perfect in my living room. Beautiful accent colors for the room and earthy vibe. I love it and so do my friends!

By chuckiekeilo on March 7, 2016


A little bigger than I excreted but love everything about it! Looked gorgeous on my wall and helps cover up a lot of holes and scratches in the paint. Deff recommend it. Beautiful. Arrived very fast

By javier zamudio on March 7, 2016


I ordered this for my daughter who wanted a tapestry to hang on the wall of her college dorm room , and she loves this it's beautiful and you could use it as a throw or bedspread , well made and pretty colors it would fit nice on a full bed

By Chloe Beresford-wood on March 6, 2016


The tapestry arrived on-time. It is exactly as pictured! My daughter loves it. We used curtain clips to hang it on the wall. Thanks!

By Micayla Gibby on March 3, 2016


So beautiful I love when the light shines through it, my whole room looks like a kaleidoscope when it's bright outside. I love it. Id buy this product over and over !!! <3 Wish they'd make more designs, I'd be a loyal customer!

By Elijah Paul Vermillion on December 21, 2015


I received this product very fast in the mail I love the quality the size was perfect and it is very modern and it matches my room very well I am in love with this product

By Selah on October 21, 2015


Absolutely beautiful. Much thicker material than expected, but pleasantly surprised! Very good quality. Fit above my King sized bed.

By Celeste Edge on October 21, 2015


I'm so pleased with this tapestry!! I washed it before use and all the colors are still beautiful. I put this on my full sized bed (until I have the motivation to hang it up) and it is almost a perfect fit. 5 stars and would recommend.

By Megan Martini on October 23, 2015


FABULOUS India print for a wall hanging, bedspread or even that special picnic. The fabric and print are of high quality and I would recommend this one to anyone. I put it up as a wall hanging and absolutely love it and the print itself. 5-STARS~!

By Amazon Customer on October 8, 2015


It's so beautiful! Bigger than I thought, which is a plus. Colors are awesome although it has a strong dye smell so hopefully that will fade with time.

By C. Hartman on September 30, 2015




Really quite a nice Tapestry. Easy to hang... just sprayed it with spray starch and ironed it to the wall. It stays put and looks wonderful as a headboard .
Super fast delivery.

By Jen on October 21, 2015


I bought this as a housewarming gift for one of my kids. When we opened the box, we were both impressed by the clear, crisp design features as well as by the rich colors. Sure, it could go on a bed, but it ilooks fabulous hanging on the wall!
And Jaipurhandloon  shipping rocks!

By Elijah Paul Vermillion on December 21, 2015


I loved my tapestry! It was exactly as described.

By Kaley Graham on March 9, 2016


I received my hippie mandala tapestry it was packaged nicely it was safe it was in a safe plastic to keep it from getting damaged it was also inside of a nicely packaged box I opened it up the size is exactly what it says it is it is nicely put together the colors are beautiful and I'd if we would recommend this product to anybody I

By Lina on March 8, 2016


This is HUGE. I love it. The colors are vibrant. It smelled funny when I opened it but once washed and ironed it is amazing how it hangs on my wall. I will purhcase more from this Jaipurhandloom.

By Kelsey  Jon March 8, 2016


Way better quality than expected. Gorgeous design and color! Very vibrant! Exactly what I was looking for. I love it!

By Nicole M Valenzuela on March 7, 2016


Colors are night and bright! Exactly what I expected from the picture!

By Cesadiaz on March 5, 2016


bought it as a gift for a friend, was a lot bigger than expected and the coloring was absolutely gorgeous. not disappointed in the slightest

By Samantha Keel on March 3, 2016


FABULOUS India print for a wall hanging, bedspread or even that special picnic. I absolutely love this tapestry...I have no complaints. It's the size it was advertised & exactly as pictured. It's thick & seems to have good quality.
Over all extremely happy!

By Clay on March 3, 2016