Top 4 Awesome Usage of Vintage Kantha Quilts

Vintage Kantha Throws are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile that are ideal in their imperfections. These extremely imaginative and vibrantly colored quilts are made by sewing together layers of old saris collectively, and are inspired by the history and contentment of their rich tradition. With their wonderful details and brilliant colours, Kantha throws or quilts give a fantastic kaleidoscope of colour, completely renovating and amplifying any living area.


Frida kantha quilts indian quilts by jaipur handloom

Vintage Kantha quilts are a result of women's art and were designed by some intelligent women many years ago. Poor women in rural West Bengal, India, needed throws for their infants, so they picked the softest parts of their faded cotton saris and patched them together in a synchronized pattern with an all-over running stitch.

Indigo block print kantha quilts queen


Indian Sari kantha Blankets by Jaipur handloom



 Kantha is the name given to this unusual stitch. Small repair patches, loose and uneven threads, and other characteristics of ancient blankets offer a lot of character to the quilt.These quilts, which are entirely hand stitched, are such a refreshing change from machine made quilts. The rich colours of vintage Kantha throws may brighten up your living area. 


Frida queen kantha quilts


Let's have a look at some of the ways Kantha quilts can be used in the home.

1. Elegantly drape across sofas

To add design and colour to your living room, drape a Kantha quilt over the arm of your couch. This also ensures that you have a sheath ready to roll up on movie evenings. You can also tuck these old blankets between the cushions of your couch for a more modern look.


kantha quilt sofa cover


kantha chair cover

2. Put them on the top shelf Tablecloth

Kantha ornamentation is appealing, and it is delicate enough to prevent glasses and plates from jiggling. You can use these throws as a tablecloth and spread them across your entire table, or you can wrap them and use them as a table runner under platters. If you're going on a picnic, you should bring these as fun picnic throws.

Kantha quilts table cloth

you may use these kantha quilts dining table placemats and bringing warmth to dining table.

kantha table placemats

kantha quilt as table runner


kantha placemats

3. They're flawless Pillow/Cushions Covers

Because of their brilliant colours and pop designs, Kanthas make excellent cushion or pillow covers. You can buy Kantha-covered pillows or have a quilt fashioned into headrests at your neighborhood tailor. Place some pillows on the floor and add an over sized cushion to create a boho resting area that is perfect for unwinding

wholesale vintage kantha throw pillows


wholesale fruit print kantha throw pillows


Sofa kantha throw pillows

vintage kantha cushion covers

vintage kantha throw pillows



4. Accessorize with Accent Pieces

There are already upholstered benches and pieces of furniture in Kantha fabric. You can still knit your slipcover if you prefer the do-it-yourself option. To make things stand out, simply wrap Kantha blankets over them.

Kantha quilts by jaipur handloom


Kantha quilts by jaipur handloom


Kantha quilts by jaipur handloom


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