Block Printed Indigo kantha quilt collection- A Colorful Affair by Jaipur Handloom

Have you ever wondered why we have a section just for our Indigo Kantha quilts? It's a great question, and we get it all the time. As you might expect, an Indigo Kantha is much more than just its stunning colour. In fact, they are made in a completely different manner than our Vintage Kantha quilts.


The start of an Indigo Kantha quilt 

An indigo cotton quilt is made in the same way as other types of Kantha, with a preloved 100 percent cotton sari. These garments are available in a variety of colours and designs, and they are extremely soft. Older saris, like any other piece of clothing, fade and become unworn over time, at which point they can be repurposed.into one of these beautiful indigo quilt throws.


How fabric becomes a Kantha quilt 

The lightest coloured saris are handpicked and sent to our artisans in a remote area of India to become Indigo Kanthas. Kantha quilts are made for use in rural Bengal and Bangladesh households. Plain and coloured threads are used to sew favourite prints, saris, and lengths of cloth together. Every quilter has their own style.These quilts are used as bedcovers, blankets, tablecloths, picnic blankets, car blankets, couch blankets, and so on... the possibilities are endless.. Colorful fields and brilliant patchwork are all covered in tight running stitches. These quilts have a medium weight and a lot of personality.

 Vintage kantha quilts

Design and printing 

Each sari is handprinted using a traditional block printing method to give it a unique look. A small wooden block with a specific pattern is tapped into a specially made mud before being applied to the fabric. This procedure is repeated until the cotton quilt is completely covered. The fabric is then sun dried for two days before the indigo dying process begins.

Block Print Indigo kantha quilt

 Block Print Indigo kantha quilt

Obtaining that distinct colour 

When the mud has dried completely, the cotton throw can be dipped into a specially constructed well filled with non-synthetic, 100 percent natural indigo dye. The dye is absorbed by the areas of fabric that have not been exposed to mud, while the dye is shielded from the printed areas. Following another period of sun drying, the fabric is washed to remove the mud and any excess dye - and there you have your loved indigo kantha quit ready to use.


Block Print Indigo kantha quilt

 A one-of-a-kind quilt to give or keep 

For a variety of reasons, these Indigo Kantha quilts are truly one-of-a-kind, making them ideal for a one-of-a-kind gift or simply to keep for yourself.

      1. Each quilt will have a different base sari. 

  1. Our artisans' designs will differ. 
  1. Every quilt has irregularities due to the printing process. 
  1. Because the quilts are handcrafted, each one is unique.

Dyed Indigo vintage kantha quilts by jaipur handoom

 As if those reasons weren't enough, one of these amazing quilts also supports Indian artisans, preserves a tradition, and keeps textiles out of landfills. A truly heartfelt purchase! Shop now.

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