What are Mandala Roundies or Mandala Round Beach Towel?

Whether you are heading to the beach, lounging by the pool, or heading to an outdoor concert, Picnic or for your Yoga Class, you will hear from your bestie about Colorful versatile Mandala Roundies or Round mandala beach towel they bought and carry from online shops. They are quite famous these days and ubiquitous from apartment to beach so naturally. But first thing that comes to mind is What exactly are these and Where do you buy them.?

ROUNDIE towel is a great way to relax while putting your personality on display! ROUNDIE towel is a versatile must have for the summer season and beyond.

The MANDALA Figure or shape appears to us in all aspects of life, some visible & some not so visible, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon & more obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family & communities pretty much everything touches the essence of Mandala. Everything in our beautiful life is connected, be it physically, spiritually or emotionally and bring it all closer with the riches of Mandala largely depicts as CIRCLE. These circles with various shapes and patterns are then hand printed with vegan dyes, on 100% cotton sheets by masters of the trade in a child free factory in north part of India. Once printed their varsity of colors and hues makes them unique and demanding all over the world.

Perfect for the beach, picnic, home decor, meditation, or any gathering, to round up your peeps for a natural celebration of Life. These astounding hand printed Mandala Beach Towels are made with incredible attention to detail. Intricacy in prints & color combinations are the true ingredients for bringing out these fascinating artistic throws. 

Obtained from the genuine quality material, these Mandala beach round blankets are exclusively designed and created by the Indian artisans and hence are of top-notch nature. These Indian tapestries are hand screen printed and acquired from natural vegetable dyes. Since it is absolutely environment friendly, this Mandala roundie can be used for any kind of purpose such as  Beach towel, Picnic Sheet, Yoga Mat, Outdoor Concert blanket, BBQ, Throw rug, Baby play mat.

All beach round Mandala throws are made from thin sheeting cotton fabric and comes with three variation plain, pompom and tassels attached around edges. These Beach Round Mandala Throws are also known as beach mandala throws or beach mandala roundies.

Soak in the sun in style with a gorgeous fun Summer Round Beach Towel! These mesmerizing cotton fringed roundies come in a variety of colour combinations and are the ideal accessory for festival-goers, park lovers, outdoorzy free spirits and beach bums. Use it as a beach or picnic blanket, a stylish towel or a colourful throw for your home. These are made of vegetable dye & natural fabrics which makes them Stylish. Elegant. Unique. These Mandala beach throws are lightweight and can be utilized for a picnic or a getaway with your friends. The rich shade of this Indian tapestry will enrich you with the celestial feel and ensure a peace of mind. Enjoy the spiritual aura with this Mandala beach throw.


 peacock bird mandala round beach blanket - jaipurhandloom.com


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Round Beach Throw - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Round Beach-Throw-Towel-Yoga-Mat-Gypsy - jaipurhandloom.com

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pink and purple round beach towel - Jaipurhandloom.com

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elephant Beach-Blanket-- Mandala Roundie - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Fringed green bird of devotion lace roundie - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Sea green ombre Beach Towel

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These Roundies are Perfect for styling around your home , beach, pool party, yoga, picnic in the park, traveling and lot more. Add bohemian chic everywhere you go!. These round towels make fantastic beachwear as a wrap or a beach towel. They can also be used as picnic blankets or festival blankets. They have many uses around the home, such as attractive tablecloths or casual throws. They are ideal for travelling and camping because they are light weight and quick drying. This can also be used as a wonderful gift to someone! 

elephant mandala round beach towel - jaipurhandloom.com

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Purple Round Beach Throw or Bedding

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Blue Round Beach Towel -Jaipurhandloom.com

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Burgundy beach blanket  Bohemian Mandala Roundie - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Blue ombre beach blanket Roundie Towel - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Beach Towel Medallion Circle Cotton Roundie - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Black and white beach blanket  Mandala Fringed Roundie - Jaipurhandloom.com

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Blue peafowl  beach towel - Jaipurhandloom.com

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