Where to buy tapestry wall hangings - Smart list of top 10 websites

Where to buy wall tapestries?

Wall Tapestries add a warmth and texture to any living room , bed room  or just about any place in your home once you hang them on your walls. The beautiful Wall Tapestries are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. There are so many amazing tapestries available in the market to make you confused for choosing the decorative wall hangings to match your style of decor, so if you ever wonder where to buy cheap and cool tapestries or ever thought of any of these following questions we have an answer for you:

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If you are transforming your home interior or simply plan to join college and  thinking about where to buy tapestries wall hangings to give an amazing look to your walls and rooms, then check this post. Here you will find some of the top trusted websites to buy tapestry wall hangings  as well as their top rated wall tapestries.

1. Urban Outfitters

If you're anything like me, you probably melt at the sight of an Urban Outfitters shopping bag. UO has an incredible apartment selection, but their prices can definitely leave a hole in pocket of any college student. Here are few designs and tapestries to get your dorm room or bed room look UO ready.

Price range: $19-$79

Popular wall tapestries : Folklorica Medallion Tapestry, Cactus Landscape Tapestry , Lisa Argyropoulos For DENY Beyond The Sky Tapestry and Armando Veve Map Tapestry


2. Jaipur Handloom

If you're familiar with the home decor brand Jaipur Handloom, then you should love their range of tapestries which makes a perfect addition to any dorm or bed room!. It's one of the top brand and website that sells tapestry. Jaipur Handloom makes Bedding, blankets, duvet covers and quilts that have the same indie, rustic feel like UO, but are still unique to their brand. They're also extremely affordable and come in sizes Twin XL, to King. Price range: $14-$29. Every purchase pays an artist. Simple, but huge.

Popular wall tapestries : For all hippie and bohemian theme lovers you will find sun and moon tapestries, tie dye tapestries, ombre tapestry , elephant tapestry , zodiac, Medallion, tree of life, boho pattern tapestries in various colors and sizes.

Black and White Hamsa Hand Tapestry


3. Amazon

Amazon is rather huge and big website and has behemoth collection of tapestries priced widely in lower range of $10, however due to marketplace Model there is question about quality of the product and lot's of repetitive designs sold by Indian sellers.

Price range: $12-$150

Tie Dye Purple Burning Sun Tapestry

4. Society6

Society6 has large collection of tapestries at very impressive price and various artists directly sell their Wall art and tapestries via it's marketplace.

Society6 is home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, uploading and selling their original works as 30+ premium consumer goods from Art Prints to Throw Blankets.

Price range: $39-$99

Popular wall tapestries : Some of their popular amazing designs includes MOON GLOW, LOVE WISH LANTERN, NIGHT LIFE, INNER PEACE, SEA, CIRCEL OF LIFE , they have large collection of tapestries with reasonable pricing so it won't disappoint you if you check out their collection.

Voyager Wall Tapestry

5. Target

Target is bit of a new entrant in tapestries space and has limited choices , also bit pricey.  They also offer Free shipping on orders $35+ or free same-day pick-up in store.

Price range: $29-$199

Popular wall tapestries : Gypsy rose tapestry, Elephant, Mandala and Medallion, Geometric, Landscape and Nature.

6. WalMart

Walmart has been historically brick and mortar super store slowly venturing out to sell cotton tapestries via their website. They have limited collection of Fine art tapestries such as celtic, Mosaic and paris with love , most of them are woven tapestries and are expensive.

Price range: $79-$499

7. WayFair

Trying to find traditional styled tapestries for sale? Then you have come to the right place; Wayfair has many tapestries for sale. If you are looking for some uniquely designed tapestries and have decent budget above $39 , you will find good tapestries from Wayfair. They have good stock of woven tapestries priced decently.

Price range: $39-$149

Popular wall tapestries : Geode Wall Tapestry, Ombre, Lunar, Sea, Floral, world maps, landscapes

8. Overstock

Overstock has wide collection of tapestries that will come just under your budget and allows you to Hang beautiful tapestries or wall hangings to add warmth and texture to any room. Their gorgeous tapestries effuse pop of colors that can be used as a bedspread, bed cover, tablecloth, or curtain; you can even utilize it as a picnic or beach blanket. Now there is no excuse for using boring old white walls.

Price range: $39-$379

Popular wall tapestries : Paisley, Tree of life , Mandala, Hippie, Boho love, Om, Hindu God Ganesha.


9. Etsy

Hanging a tapestry in the home is an elegant way to decorate any wall or empty space. Say goodbye to spending large sums of money on hiring painters to repaint your walls, and simply turn to a tapestry for your decorating needs. Etsy has more than thousands of artists showcasing and selling their creative ideas printed on tapestries. This website is pretty easy to use and allows you to directly get in touch with artist . They sell  hand woven and handmade screen printed cotton tapestries.

Price range: $29-$200

10. Ebay

Ebay is a pretty big brand name in all categories and rather large international website selling all sorts of hand woven and screen printed tapestries from all over the world. Due to its wide presence and large collection it never disappoint. It has large collection of tapestries at very impressive price. 

Price range: $12-$79



Popular Wall Tapestries : 

Tapestry wall hangings undoubtedly create an eye-catching look in the form of stunning reproduction of the paintings and artwork and replace the need to spend top dollar amount with mere $20-$30 USD range . If you need that something extra flair for your mundane walls or rooms then these colorful tapestries are the best option to choose from. There are different ways of hanging your tapestry on your wall according to your comfort and wall space. With a colorful and attractive look of your wall decorated by these beautiful tapestries, you will get many compliments from your guests for sure. Hope this post gives you satisfactory answer and choice of Where to Buy Tapestry Wall Hangings and will give a stunning look to your walls and rooms with them.

One of the best ways to fill your room with good vibes is to decorate them with wall tapestries. Canvases and posters at UO can be a little expensive, but at jaipurhandloom.com, you can find literally anything you want for your walls at less than $20! The site features prints of famous works like Mandala tapestry, good luck Indian deity Ganesha tapestry, but also has Tree of life wall hanging, crying wolf wall tapestry, and so much more.  

Tapestries are an awesome way to take your room to a whole new level. They can be draped over a window, across the wall, or hung from the ceiling to create a canopy. If you shop on jaipurhandloom.com for tapestries; they sell original artist made tapestries. Although they sell out fast, there's always new tapestries being added and sold every day. 


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