Brighten up your bedroom with Gorgeous Mandala Duvet Covers By Jaipur Handloom

We are very glad to add our new line up of Mandala Duvet Covers which are in high demand and reached to rank among best selling product within few days. What makes these Mandala Bedding different from regular ubiquitous patterns that evade our market stores is the pop of colors and amazing mandala patterns. Ever felt like adding more color and more meaning to your home decor? We have similar feelings at Jaipur Handloom which is why we keep adding new designs to our online store to reverberate your home. Our latest collection of Boho duvet covers at Jaipur Handloom with a glow is bound to leave an impression at everyone and anyone. We’ve come up with number of designs like mandala or medallion, ombre, elephant, chakra and many more in duvet covers. They are reversible bedding duvet cover and size is 90″X 84″ inches approx. We are offering duvet cover with two matching pillow covers that makes a perfect bedroom.



Our designs are inspired by nature at its raw since we believe that everyone has an innate desire to relate with the nature around them and our collection is just one small step in achieving so. The under theme of all products is the Mandala and we combine both these features to create designs in hues of the forgotten colors and shades, that once used to lighten up our surroundings. We take inspiration from the floral patterns, from the arcs that adorn our monuments and from the grandiose and the poise creatures around us, in effect creating meaningful designs on our duvet covers. We like to experiment with our designs; at times we add the spicy tinge of multiple colors while at times we fuse modern shapes with our traditional designs to create exciting designs.  



  These Bohemian Bedding Duvet Cover Sets are made of cotton sheets which represents life of the tribals from Rajasthan, it shows their celebrations, their tools, and masks, customs and beliefs, all expressed in the form of colors of Mandalas. We also seek inspiration from the aquatic world and the high skies, from the season in a year and from the different times in a day and from the beautiful peacocks. We see each of these as different emotions of the nature and to depict them in our duvet covers. Our colorful Mandala Duvet Covers are sewn using high-quality cotton and printed using organic vegetable dyes to create illustrious impressions and durability. Additionally, the Bohemian duvet covers are lined on the borders with ties to secure your comforter. Also accompanied are pillow covers and we print in all sizes – single, queen and king.



 Add a bohemian sparkle to your bedroom with our vibrant bedding set! 


Dress up your bed with this Mandala quilt cover set that is designed with a stylish mandala pattern and a pop of bright color.

 gold ombre mandala duvet cover indian-ombre-mandala-bedspread-queen-duvet-doona-quilt-cover-blanket-4-pc-set-jaipur-handloom_1024x1024

Brighten up your bedroom with this stunning reversible Boho duvet cover in mixed floral and mandala prints. 

 green ombre mandala duvet cover set by jaipur handloom - boho bedding -green-mandala-cotton-4pc-comforter-cover-set-with-bed-sheet-and-2-pillows-jaipur-handloom_1024x1024

This Bohemian duvet cover is the minimal-boho statement piece you need. 

 oragne burning-sun-and-moon-4pc-bedding-set-with-duvet-cover-bedsheet-and-2-shams-jaipur-handloom_1024x1024

Add a Bohemian Ethnic feel and a whimsical touch to your room with the new Bohemian Mandala Bedding Set. 


From your fashion style to your room décor, strut that boho image with no sweat. The color combination is just what you need for that feeling of bohemian vibes. Fits perfectly for your queen or king sized bed. This durable and lightweight reversible duvet cover is made of 100% cotton for that very comfortable sleep and you can snuggle in at night. Transform your space and add a legendary bohemian feels on your day and night. Let the sweet dreams begin! Perfect gift for your loved ones! 


These  Boho Duvet Covers are Printed on soft organic cotton, the repeating circles on this duvet cover has been carefully hand-printed with a mandala print, to create the ideal bohemian bedding. These astonishing hand printed mandala duvet covers are made in India with a lot of attention to detail. Intricacy in prints & color combinations are the true ingredients for bringing out these alluring Bohemian Duvet Sets.  As for care for your dreamy Cotton Mandala duvet covers we recommend that you can do machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle with mild detergent. But to keep beauty for longer , you should dry clean to it. We have only duvet covers; we don’t sell insert for it.

 Horoscope duvet cover set 4-pc-doona-cover-set-with-bedspread-indian-astrology-duvet-quilt-cover-blanket-jaipur-handloom_1024x1024

Below are few features of our gorgeous Boho Bedding Sets:

  • FILL YOUR BEDROOM WITH SERENITY AND CALMNESS: colorful hues of this luxurious mandala duvet cover set will bring relaxation to your bedroom
  • LUXURIOUS AND SOFT ON YOUR SKIN: This mandala duvet cover is made of 100% cotton fabric
  • CONVENIENT TIE FASTENERS:Ties on the duvet cover make it easy to secure your comforter and prevent it from bunching or moving
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION:Each of the pieces are hand stitched using double stitching method to make sure the cover is secure and strong and can take the full weight of the duvet.


It’s time to perk up the ambiance of your bedroom or zen den and what better way than with these trendy mandala duvet cover which are exclusively designed by the Jaipur Handloom. These charming mandala duvet covers are of premium quality with hand screen printed techniques and are absolutely environment friendly. The Bohemian Bedding are very stylish and also display the intricate designs and prints. The perfect way to brighten up the room, these Boho Duvet covers reflect pure and holy colours which not only calms the mind, but also brings positivity throughout the house.


Bring in your inner peace with our beautifully made boho bedding sets. Excellent for your bedroom, this duvet is a fine combination of traditions and Bohemianism and lets you explore your inner spirits. This mandala doona cover lets you discover your true identity and makes you love yourself. The pretty colors of this duvet cover set along with the genuine material quality delivers an amazing mandala duvet set.  With its gorgeous design, it is also so soft and comforting because of which you might just be tempted to linger in bed a little longer. Let this king of the night touch your room and set an ultimate dream vibe! Dreamy adventures are unavoidable when surrounded by such wise beauties! You will surely love it! Perfect gift for kids, friends, and loved ones!

 Grey Ombre Mandala Bedding 4-pc-set-indian-ombre-mandala-duvet-quilt-cover-with-queen-bed-sheet-pillows-jaipur-handloom_1024x1024 

This delicately designed and marvelous piece, the charming colors combined with the playful sequence of patterns appeal to all ages.


This beautiful bohemian bedding set with gorgeous mandala hippie design gives a royal touch and a dramatic makeover to your room that makes every side a conversational piece of art. With the gorgeous colors, smooth and soft material, you just can't resist off your bed! From elegant modern design to comfort, your sleep would be the tightest among the rest. Take a deep sleep and wish a good night sleep with this hippie elephant! It's a must have for any season for all ethnic savvy ones. This is a rare beauty not to be missed! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!

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