Vintage Kantha Quilts Wholesale lot Available Online at JAIPUR HANDLOOM

Wondering Where to Buy Kantha Throws and Wholesale Vintage Kantha Quilts online.?


We know it's difficult to trust and pick choose one when there are so many online sellers, yet we here provide you enough information so can make steer clear decision to choose Jaipur Handloom to buy their kantha quilts based on their fair trade ethical practices and genuine customer reviews as well as innovative, well designed products and a unique human experience.

Jaipur handloom is the biggest kantha quilt manufacturer and collector in jaipur and have strong expertise in providing all sort of vintage kantha quilts products as well as customize them as per customers need.

 Wholesale kantha quilts by Jaipur handloom

Jaipur Handloom is Wholesaler and Exporter of all kind of Kantha products. Our range includes - Vintage Kantha Quilts, Baby Kantha Quilts, Kantha Scarf, Kantha Cushion Cover and Floor Pillow etc. We also work on customization/bespoke orders. 


Wholesale lot of indian sari silk kantha scarves


  • Bohemian kantha quilts wholesale lot at cheap prices from


At Jaipur Handloom you will find great deals at wholesale price for Kantha Quilts, Kantha Cushion Covers, Kantha Scrap, Scarves and other Kantha Handmade products.

3 pc lot

Superior quality Reversible Hand Stitch 3 pc LotVintage Kantha Quilt Gudari available in Assorted lots, best buy from Jaipur Handloom

3 pc wholesale lot of vintage kantha throw handmade quilts by

5 pc lot

you will have choice to select 5pc Lot Of Wholesale Handmade Kantha Quilt Indian Bedspread Ikat Print Kantha Blankets Cotton Bed Cover Hand Stitched Gudari Christmas Blanket

indian kantha quilts 5 pc wholesale lot at best prices online at


10 pc lot

10 PC Indian Vintage Kantha Quilt Lot Beautiful bedspread in a stunning Cotton Kantha Bedspread Gudari

10 pc wholesale lot of indian sari blankets kantha quilts at affordable cheap prices


Our Superior quality Reversible Hand Stitch Vintage Kantha Quilt Gudari are available in Assorted lots and designs/ patterns. 

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