Popular Mandala Curtains and Trippy Curtains , Hippie Window Drapes by Jaipur Handloom

Jaipur Handloom introduces premium quality Window and Door Mandala Curtains. These Mandala Tapestry curtains are the easiest to hang and can be put up instantly when you want to style up your room. These curtains allow just the right amount of light to pass through, giving home a tranquil feeling, kind of like mood lighting.

Our amazing bohemian cotton Mandala window curtains simplify the casual and contemporary style of Home Decor. Add an ethnic feel to any room in your dream home with these cotton handmade Curtain by Jaipur Handloom. Style your windows with these sheer, decorative curtains. Romantic and flowing, these elegant cotton mandala window treatments finish a room with the perfect statement. These Boho curtains match both room color and your customized style home décor well, fit great for classical / victorian / vintage / contemporary home styles. Let these breathable and airy bohemian curtains bring amazing view to host and guest. It will instantly uplift room’s style quotient and will give it a happy warm look. The majestic elephant and mandala patterns adds to the overall beauty.


Give elegant a hearty welcome to your living space this season with this colored sheer curtain. Stunning door curtain add that final touch of decoration to your door or room. These hippie tapestry curtain comes with slot top pocket for poles or rods. Use this fabulous door curtain as partitions between rooms or use as a screen to keep flies out.


  • MESMERIZING MANDALA:The huge Rangoli design in the centre of the Boho drapes will add fervor, warmth and freshness to your room. These Hippie Curtains will surely unleash the bold side of you. It will further frame the window perfectly.
  • MANDALA CURTAIN GLORY:Adorn your room with these beautiful and colourful curtains in order to make your room look spacious and airy. The bright colours and eccentric patterns will add some extra quirk to your home décor!
  • MATERIAL USED: These beautiful curtains are made of organic cotton and 100% vegan dyes. 
  • DIMENSIONS (Combined)This is available in the following sizes:
  • Full Size: 225 CM Length | 200 CM Width




Whether you are looking to enhance your existing decor or going for a complete room makeover, these chic trippy tapestry curtain panels are versatile enough to enhance any space. Put these mandala window panels to work anywhere in your home. Hang them in your living room for better TV viewing or in the nursery or kids' room to keep out unwanted light and noise. Not only are these mandala curtain panels eye-catching, this fashionable design combined with the benefits of reducing outdoor light and providing privacy, make these the perfect window treatment for your home, office, apartment, business, and more. These practical yet beautiful curtain sets are sure to 'Wow' any guests to your home and keep your room look trendy, and current and inviting.



These stylish bohemian curtain panels will modernize your decor with the crisp print. The cotton composition will provide a clean, airy feel to any room. The Jaipur Handloom Craftsmanship is hung on your favourite curtain rod via 2 matching panels, yet another touch adding to the richness and luxury to your decor. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, family room, dining room, bathroom, office, or any other window space that could use that perfect finishing touch.



The curtains come with appropriate pockets to hang over window panes or doors. Alternatively hang them on your walls to frame paintings.

Make your house look gorgeous by purchasing these Designer hippie Curtain for the Doors & Windows. Simply amazing and unique in design these curtains are made of premium quality material. The Curtain will lend an artistic appeal to your home sweet home. It is a must have for people who prefer quality and reliability in everything they do. You can use these cool window curtain and door drapes for decorating your house and give an aesthetic touch to it. It is a one of a kind curtain that is sure to put forward your love and taste in fine art. Get this amazing piece of home decor which will be a worthy investment for you. It comes in a set of two.

 Curtain Tapestry

Curtains make the first impression of your home. It mirrors your class and style to the visitors. It serves many purposes and is a wonderful way to beautify and add colors to the home. Not only on doors but they are useful on windows too. Your drapes don't have to be so drab. Our awesome Window Curtains transform a neglected essential into an awesome statement piece. They're crafted with 100% lightweight cotton, and thick enough to block out some light. These hippie curtains helps keep a bedroom exceptionally calm and soothing—perfect for afternoon naps or morning sleep-ins. In addition to promoting better sleeping conditions, the curtain ensures complete privacy and helps reduce outside noise for a quieter indoor environment.



The curtain can also be used in a dining room for creating dramatic ambiance or in a media room or office to minimize glare on TV or computer screens. Even more, it helps protect carpet and upholstery from color fading caused by the sun. We all love windows and spend a lot of time staring into life when it goes by our windows. But this beautiful sight comes with a little bit of sunlight and unwanted dust that trouble us. Curtains help in barring unwanted elements from the outside, providing privacy while maintaining a good ventilation and proper lighting. A beautiful set of curtains enhances the look of windows and doors. With drapes, they convey elegance to a living room or quaintness to a kitchen with a lively frill. 

Hippie Tapestry Curtains

Add a touch of sophistication to your living room interiors by getting these curtains ,made from cotton, extremely fine in quality and can be maintained easily. You can do a lot to enhance the look of your rooms with these curtains. As it says a lot about your home, hence selecting good quality stylish curtains that come with durable fabrics is important. Good curtains can make the difference between an ordinary and sensational living space. You will find a wide range of trendy curtains such as Bohemian curtains, Window curtains, Hippie tapestry curtainsIndian tapestry curtains and many others. To make the style more vibrant many designs such as Bohemian, Hippie, trippy, psychedelic and boho are combined with another design such as Mandala, Tie Dye and hand block by the designers. These tapestry door curtains are a go-getter to rock your home. Adorn your room with these Magnificent, elegant colorful Mandala tapestry curtains. The huge Mandala at the centre looks appealing and enchanting. These curtains will instantly transform your room to a Bohemian paradise.


At Jaipur Handloom, we work to make your home truly yours with splendid tapestry curtains and draperies. These curtains will bring style, color and texture to your room and will give it a unique feel and look. The Splendid curtains start with the fabrics, nevertheless, it is the quality craftsmanship of our skilled artisans that transforms each bolt of fabric into stunning windows and door treatments. All of our curtains are proudly made in India. They are made to standard measurements so all in all, they will fit best to your windows and doors. Our skilled artisans take pride in creating gorgeous fabric home style items. We stock from traditional pinch frilled curtains to sleek and modern grommet panels. We are 100% confident to have a fashion for you. Check out the amazing collection of tapestry door curtains available here and pair them with your doors and windows or clash contrasting colors to stretch the dimensions.


Add bohemian chic to your room with these lightweight mandala curtains. Made of 100% cotton and block printed by hand.  This beautiful Hippie curtain is handmade from 100% Cotton and vegan made. This Bohemian curtain comes with loop to fit in rod. Shop this trippy curtain at affordable cheap price. This gorgeous curtain can be used as window curtain, door curtain or wall hanging for cool home decor. Curtains are a part of window decoration for your home. Jaipur Handloom adds to the style and elegance of your interiors by selecting the best material for these products. These curtains are manufactured with high precision and accuracy to deliver you the finest quality modern curtains. These door and window curtains comes in variety of sizes and colors so that it can cater all the doors and windows of your house making them look elegant. Mandala curtain is an ideal buy for anyone who wants to add some happy soothing tribal vibes to their room.

Summarizing these mandala curtain as:


  • Add an element of sophistication when you hang them.
  • Livening up your indoor spaces with a sense of airiness and beauty.
  • Features a beautiful subtle cross pattern design. Retains just enough sheerness.


  • Allow the sunshine in while giving you a certain amount of privacy.
  • Shield you from distracting glare by softly filtering out harsh sunlight.
  • Add style and elegance to your room, make a pretty soft and natural look to your windows.


  • Machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry. Cool iron if needed.





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