Bohemian Pillow Collection By Jaipur Handloom

What makes a house a home? Our favorite nominee in the decorative accent category? Throw pillows. They are the easiest most affordable means of changing the look of a room and making it truly yours.

Looking for bohemian throw pillows for your home, apartment, dorm room or restaurant ? We sell thousands of designer throw pillows, floor cushions, poufs & ottomans on our site, but we’ve selected a few of our best-selling designs in a variety of different decorating styles to help you get inspired and kick off your search. Here, several stylish throw pillows that will put the perfect finishing touch on your space. The unique quality of these pillows is most of them are handmade and made of patches of several years old vintage saris.

But choosing pillows can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re running from store to store. This is why we prefer to do it online. If you want to mix patterns make sure the size and scale of those patterns are not competing, aka they are different enough that you can distinguish between them easily. One big, one small and one medium is a good formula. This contrast will allow each pattern to stand out better on its own. Same with color.

Usages of Decorative Throw Pillows :

  • Bedroom Pillows
  • Sofa/Couch Pillows
  • Kitchen Chair Pillows
  • Kids Chair Pillows
  • Wedding Decoration Pillows 
  • Patio Chair Pillows
  • Car Pillows
  • Dining Chair Pillows
  • Outdoor Furniture Pillows

Types of  Indian Handmade Decorative Throw Pillows:

Floral Kantha Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches & 24X24 inches)

bohemian kantha cushion

orange kantha sofa throw pillows

Vintage Kantha Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches & 24X24 inches)


vintage kantha throw pillows


 bohemian kantha throw pillow

 floral kantha throw pillows


Vintage Patchwork Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches, 20X20 inches & 24X24 inches)


 vintage patchwork throw pillow

pink 24" throw pillows for couch


Round Floor Cushions (Available Sizes: Diameter 17", 22" & 32")

 round floor cushion



bohemian round floor pillow

Indian Poufs & Ottoman (Available Sizes: 22X12 inches & 18X13 inches)

ikea pouf

bohemian ikea pouf by jaipur handloom

Mandala Floor Cushions (Available Sizes: 32X32 inches)

bohemian mandala floor pillows

tie dye mandala floor cushion by  Jaipur Handloom

Mirror Embroidery Throw Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches)

indian embroidered throw pillows

boho embroidered throw pillows

Suzani Throw Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches)

bohemian dining chair pillows

indian embroidered cushion cover


Velvet Throw Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches)

white velvet throw pillow

bohemian bedroom cushion

Silk Kantha Throw Pillows (Available Sizes: 16X16 inches)


wholesale kantha throw pillows for couch

patio chair cushion

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