Kantha quilts are bright and colourful, with intricate hand stitching. These Indian quilts will bring a bohemian flair to your home.


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Kanthas are indigenous to Bangladesh and India's eastern states. Layers of cloth scraps and saris were stitched together by women. This resulted in these lovely thin throws that could be used as blankets, throws or cushions.

Kantha quilts can have two distinct patterns on each side.

Kanthas make wonderful bohemian quilts, but they can also be used for other purposes such as kanta baby bedding, kantha cushions, kantha scarves, kantha sofa throw , kantha bags and kantha clothing.

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Kantha quilts are bright, colourful, and fun. They have the ability to transform any space and make it look new and fresh. Kantha quilts can be used in other areas, but keep in mind that they are bedding. Kantha bedding will give your bedroom a relaxed, vibrant feel. Your bedroom can be brightly coloured and the ultimate place to unwind.

If you own a quilt or another Kantha product, you may have noticed that it changes over time, whether you like it or not! Kantha quilts have been used for almost everything. You can use them for cushion covers on the sofa and upholstering chairs in addition to bedding, bed covers, scarves, and bags.


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