Where to Buy Vintage Kantha Quilts Wholesale Online?

Jaipur Handloom is a fair trade shop directly engages with artisans to support their living hood and has established itself as leading Kantha Quilts and Vintage Throw Kantha Quilt Manufacturer, supplier and Exporter. 

One of our artisan “ Aarti “ speaks about her passion about kantha art:

“Kantha is almost like my life. There are endless possibilities and I can’t stop. I am fascinated to create every possible combination and hope to be doing this for 30 years more”.


Vintage Kantha Quilts Wholesale Supplier Jaipur Handloom


Vintage Kantha Quilts Wholesale Supplier Jaipur Handloom


Vintage Kantha Quilts Wholesale Supplier Jaipur Handloom

Each kantha quilt we make and sell has following  characteristics:



These vibrant kantha quilts are hand stitched with colorful thread by rural women of west bengal in india, who spend hours creating these wonderful pieces, each one-of-a-kind. These beautiful quilt have been hand sewn together using tiny embroidery stitches known as ‘kantha’. This fine stitch is to give them unique and exquisite look.


Crafted to provide utmost comfort, this exquisite quilts are reversible in nature and can be used from both the sides. Each side has different look which adds an extra charm to their beauty. Thus these quilts redefine luxury and ensure that the user feel warm and comfortable after a tiring day. Perfect to use from both sides, reversible in nature.

Vintage fabric

These kantha throws are made from 15-20 years old recycled fabric. Women in rural part of india use fabric from their favorite sari and sew layers together with colorful threads to give these vibrant look. As these are vintage items they may have patches and slight imperfections. These are considered as part of charm.

Ancient indian art

The entire quilt is hand embroidered with end number of straight stitches to create a unique product. This beautiful embroidery is done by tribal people of rural india for their livelihood. A woman spends hours on this and one quilt takes 12-15 days to complete.

One of a kind

Each piece is unique and has different pattern and color on both the sides. No two kantha can be made exact same. Made from finest quality fabric for that extra soft feel, these quilt promises to keep the user cozy all night long.


These kantha blankets are multi-purpose and can be used as – blanket, sofa cover, quilt, bedspread, beach throw, couch throw, rug, wall hanging, gypsy caravan, baby play mat, for pets and a perfect gift for all occasions: weddings, house warming.


Each quilt we sell helps Jaipur Handloom provide training, employment and childcare that allows even more women to escape the sex trade and helps support brave and talented women rebuilding their lives in Bengal.

Our vintage sari kantha quilts are all one-of-a-kind, with a unique cotton sari on each side. Each kantha quilt is handmade by a special woman at Bengal, we help victims of sex trafficking in Bengal leave the streets and build a new life making kantha quilts. As beautiful products emerge from discarded cloth, broken lives are made whole again, stitch by stitch.

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