Plum and bow Mandala Tapestry by JaipurHandloom

This plum and bow tapestry, made of soft, colored cotton, is decorated with a medallion pattern, so much beloved by all tapestry fans. The color of the item is purple, but no photo is able to give you an idea of how many shades of this noble color are used in the tapestry. Plum and bow medallion tapestry is the best decision for decorating a wall in the Boho-style flat.  This piece will become the brightest accent in your room and will add a nice touch to the hall, if you are planning to use it in large premises. If there is a bed, a chair or any other item of furniture to be topped off in your room – the plum & bow medallion tapestry will fit perfectly for that task too. You will find many examples of its’ usage in the interior in our gallery. Take a look at below pictures for some ideas on how to décor your beautiful walls in the house.

Plum and bow Mandala Tapestry by Jaipur Handloom


Plum and bow Medallion Tapestry by Jaipur Handloom


Purple Medallion Tapestry by Jaipur Handloom

Medallion Tapestry by Jaipur handloom


Popular Wall Tapestry by Jaipur Handloom

Going out for breakfast al fresco? Gathering on the beach with friends? Take a plum & bow tapestry and its shining positive colors, matching so good with the natural landscapes, will make your day even brighter. We can show you tapestry sofa for home decoration.

 Purple Wall Tapestries by Jaipur Handloom

Medallion Wall tapestries by jaipur Handloom


Elephant Tapestry by Jaipur Handloom


Elephant Medallion Tapestry by Jaipur Handloom



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