About Jaipur Handloom

Jaipur Handloom is hub of - Mandala Tapestries Wall Hanging, Kantha Quilts & Throw, Mandala Bedding & Duvet Cover Sets, Braided Jute Rugs, Area Rugs, Indian Kantha Pillows, Cushions, Indian Poufs & Ottoman, Indian Parasol & Umbrellas, Kantha Scarves, Indian Toran & Valances, Harem Pants, Women Dresses, Woman Hand Bags and many other Indian ethnic home decor and fashion accessories.

All the items are handmade and Authentically Made In India! Each and every item in shop is handcrafted by our artisans in India. It provides the livelihood for many families who love what they do and make these with passion. All fabrics are sourced for their quality and beautiful colors.

I am sure you will love their work and quality of these gorgeous art work.

Success Story of Jaipur Handloom

The concept of bringing most coveted handloom and handmade handicraft products of India to the people around the globe was originated in 2013 when the founder Avinash Gupta was studying Masters in Computer Science in Syracuse University, NY, USA . Being in the biggest eCommerce market of the world, he immediately acknowledged that linen handicrafts of India are being vastly used and bought in USA by not only students of Universities but had major demand on ecommerce websites such as Amazon.com, Walmart and Target. 

He then started working on the idea of bringing niche linen handicrafts from India by creating his own digital first eCommerce website Jaipurhandloom.com leveraging technologies of Shopify. Having 10+ years of hands on IT experience and being a team lead and lead software engineer in top USA IT companies such as Mentor Graphics and Tribune Newspaper and successfully delivered applications generating revenues in range of USD 10 Million it was piece of cake to create “Jaipurhandloom.com” website which received 1000’s of orders in its first year only.  Using his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of website and SEO  Avinash then used Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Mail Chimp and other marketing channels to create a niche market for Jaipur Handloom and added thousands of new customers every month. All the marketing efforts implemented by him were driven by AI and Algorithm based on the Data acquired by user behavior on Google and then further tweak on website and  making it further mobile and user friendly.

Thereafter in Year 2014 Brand Jaipur Handloom was the first registered business on Amazon.com selling Tapestries, pouf cover, bedding, bed sheets, wall hangings, cushion covers, rugs and pretty much all of the linen handicrafts , each of our products was entirely made by hand. Our First year revenue was touching 1.5+ Million USD in no time.

The Jaipur Handloom brand has seen immense growth in the last few years, riding on the spike in customer interest in linen handicrafts. At Jaipur Handloom, we’re reimagining how to make the world’s most-loved products accessible to everyone. So we work with successful vendors and manufacturers, during our last 8 years of operations we have developed  deep understanding of rankings, ratings, and reviews – plus supply chain and marketing smarts – to transform the art and science of commerce.

Success Mark

We have more than 5,572 reviews on Amazon.com with ratings of 99% and 50+ products which have 1000+ positive 5 star reviews.

Jaipurhandloom.com has received 1000+ of positive 5 star reviews from our customers and over 22500+ customers have signed up for our newsletter

Jaipur Handloom Products shows up on First 5 results in Google.com results showing the organic growth of our products.

Future at Jaipur Handloom

Introduce new range of products every quarter and thus increase our revenue double every year thereon. We are very keen on launching in new markets and extending the fast moving product portfolio at fast pace.

Establish ourselves on Indian Market ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

Create new opportunities by inventory regionalization, improved sourcing, and brand marketing to scale the brand to 50 crore annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 1-2 years.