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Ottomans and poufs are both functional and decorative. Find modern upholstered ottomans perfect for small space seating solutions at Comfortable Seating, Handpicked Designs & Much More, Limited Stock! Easy Return Policy. FREE Shipping on all items.

Story Behind the Art:

Behind each pouf is a team of artisans who are vigorously working around the clock to craft each masterpiece. It all starts with our workshop leader and expert craftsman, Namo. Every since he was young, he has been surrounded by an artisanal environment. His father, grandfather and many fathers before were all expert craftsmen, they had a family gift of steady crafty hands.

Namo learned Patchwork since a young age. Now he is top rated within India. He now leads the team that assembles every pouf. He handpicks the highest quality Sari Fabric and preps it for the rest of the team. Next on the team are Rahim and Nafisa who have been handpicked by Namo to join the workshop. They together dye, cut, and craft the poufs with assistance from Namo. Next on the team is Sultana. She is exceptionally talented. She works around the clock hand embroidering beautiful designs onto the tops of each pouf.

Namo Shares " We thank for giving the opportunity to these artisans to broaden their horizons, expand their shop, and employ more people, and share their talents with the customers of Jaipur Handloom". This excellent team is always working heartily and with passion, to bring a taste of India to your home.