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20 Best ideas about College Dorm Rooms - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Dorm Room Ideas:  Cheap And Easy Ways To Have The Best Dorm Room Ever

There are a few topics that must be addressed when thinking about donning your dorm room. First, space is limited… so the little space that you have must be maximized! Also, you’ll be having at least one roomie, meaning zero built in privacy.

When deciding on how you want to set up your dorm you, consider ways to add a little privacy (trust me, there will be moments and days that you will treasure your privacy).

And, lastly, you cannot forget about you! Be sure to add your style and express yourself.

After all, your dorm space will be your home away from home.

The above can be done with a budget in mind! College is expensive enough without having to spend a lot on your dorm room. Below, you will see a variety of Money-Saving Dorm Room Decor Ideas.

Don't let small, shared quarters or dorm rooms cramp your style. Turn your college dorm room into a stylish and efficient space ideal for studying and relaxing with these fresh decorating ideas. You want to bring everything that possibly can enhance the style of your dorm room, bedroom or study room and make lasting impression among your college friends or even on instagram by sharing cool pictures of your dorm rooms.

Turn those bland walls in to conversation topic:

Since in dorm room you can't decorate the walls with anything permanent or drill holes in walls, try adding wall tapestries where you need some extra flair. They add instant charm to neutral walls and are a certainty to remove very easily when it's time to move out. If you want to create the look and feel of tapestry canopy, line up several of the same tapestries to create a amazing bohemian retreat.

1. Good Vibes Wall Tapestry for Dorm Decor

Dorm Decor Ideas - Jaipur Handloom

 Mandala Dorm Decor - Jaipur Handloom

2. Hippie Chic Mandala Canopy  for Dorm

Mandala Dorm Canopy



Integrate personality into your space with stylish and trendy cotton Mandala Wall tapestries that add vibrancy and inspire creativity. You can get a variety of gorgeous, colorful and one-of-a-kind artwork such as Indian patchwork wall tapestries on several online websites for an affordable cheap price.


 3. Extra lounging space - A Hammock

Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials



4. Mandala Tapestries for Dorm room decor

Elephant Mandala Wall Tapestry - Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Blue Mandala Wall hanging - Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Twin Mandala Tapestry -College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Blue Peacock Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Sun and Moon Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Zodiac Tapetry -  College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Orange Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Black and White Hamsa Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Star Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Black And White Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Bohemian Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials

Goddess Mandala Tapestry - College Checklist, Dorm Room Ideas & Essentials


5. Go for the gold with this shimmering room!

Gold Tapestry - Dorm Room Idea


6. Photo String Lights For Dorm Room Decor

Photo String Lights For A Personalized Touch

Photo String Lights For A Personalized Touch

Photo String Lights For A Personalized Touch - dorm room ideas

The best part about these string lights is that they come with clips so you can hang your pictures or some of your favorite wall prints up at the same time! String lights should be in all cute dorm room ideas!


 7. Indian Patchwork Wall hanging for Dorms

Indian Patchwork Tapestry for Dorm room Decor - Essential College dorm decor

Indian Elephant Patchwork Bedding for Dorm room Decor - Essential College dorm decor

Indian Patchwork Tapestry for Dorm room Decor - Essential College dorm decor

Elephant Patchwork Tapestry for Dorm room Decor - Essential College dorm decor

Indian Patchwork Wall hanging for Dorm room Decor - Essential College dorm decor

Go Bold With Color because it's easiest way to bring life to a room. Mandala Bedding and Mandala Duvet cover set bring those colorful elements to your dorm room. These Mandala Duvet covers are easy to install, change out and take down at the end of the year with minimal effort.


8. Mandala Bedding For The Daydreamer

Elephant Peacock Mandala Bedding for Dorm Decor - Essential Decorations for College Room

Blue Elephant Mandala Bedding for Dorm Decor - Essential Decorations for College Room

Hippie Mandala Bedding for Dorm Decor - Essential Decorations for College Room

Elephant Mandala Bedding for Dorm Decor - Essential Decorations for College Room

indian Mandala Bedding for Dorm Decor - Essential Decorations for College Room


9. Mandala Duvet Cover Set

Pink Mandala Duvet Cover for Dorm Room

Black and White Mandala Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor

Purple Medallion Mandala Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor

Pink Ombre Mandala Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor

Grey Hamsa Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor

Green Ombre Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor


Black and White Mandala Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor


Black and white elephant Mandala Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor

Blue Mandala Duvet Cover set with pillows for Dorm room College Decor

 These colorful wall tapestry, bedding and duvet covers create an aura of boho haven. At the same time mandala boho duvet covers set with pillows complete the overall beautiful appearance of bohemian dorm bedroom, which can also be used for yoga, meditation , book reading or just wandering psychedelic hippie thoughts.


10. Chic And Girly Wall tapestry for Yoga - The Girl Next Door

Yoga Mat  for College dorm room Decor - Meditation Tapestry

Yoga Mat  for College dorm room Decor - Meditation Tapestry

Yoga Mat  for College dorm room Decor - Meditation Tapestry



11. Wall tapestry and Mandala roundies ( Round Beach Towel) for Meditation

Yoga Mat  fpr College dorm room Decor - Meditation Tapestry

Yoga Mat  for College dorm room Decor - Meditation Tapestry

Yoga Mat  for College dorm room Decor - Meditation Tapestry



12. Hippie Tapestries for Dorm Wall Decor

Hippie Tapestry for Dorm room

Black and White Tapestry for Dorm Room Decor


Dorm Room Tapestry

Star Mandala Tapestry for Dorm Decor

Hippie Hippy Tapestry for Dorm Room Decor

psychedelic Tapestry for Dorm Rom Decor

Boho Tapestry Wall hanging for ultimate dorm room decor

You can also cover Bare Walls with these gorgeous handmade Indian patchwork tapestries also known as Khambadiya Tapestry, this artwork can quickly transform your space in a spiritual retreat.  



13.Need Your Space? - Mandala Curtains

Everyone needs their space some privacy, especially when sharing a small dorm room with someone. To set boundaries and create a bit of privacy, these gorgeous Mandala Curtains offer just the right amount of enclosure without making an already small space feel even smaller. If space allows, this type of mandala curtains can stylishly divide a room while still adding a clear decorative element.

Mandala Curtains for dorm

 Purple peacock Mandala Curtains for Dorm room

Blue Ombre Curtains for Dorm room Decor

Gold Curtains for Dorm room Decor - Gold ombre Tapestry Curtains

Curtains to spread cheerful vibes into your dorm room

Black and White Mandala Curtains for Dorm room Decor

Curtains for Dorm room Decor - Hippie Curtains

Curtains for Dorm room Decor- Green Ombre Curtains for college

Black and White Elephant Mandala Curtains for Dorm room Decor

These Mandala curtains will sure brighten up any room in your home, these curtains have a rod pocket sewn into the top and simply slides onto most standard rods.

Everyone in dorm need an extra space to store clothes, goodies and what not, why not use these handmade Storage Ottomans

Most dorm rooms come equipped with an armoire of some sort. If that's not enough to house your ever-growing clothing collection, then bring an additional storage solution for clothes, shoes and accessories. A medium size ottoman can easily hold an abundance of hanging clothes that's not used every day.



14. Indian Ottomans for an extra dorm room storage

You may not have room for a full couch in your room, but you'll definitely have some space for a small pouf which is why they're making their way into dorm rooms, too. Our experts says that college kids aren't just using them for extra seating, but also as ottomans and coffee tables. These multipurpose furnishings are easy to move around, store and add more function to a small-space design.

Indian pouf covers for college dorm

Decorative Indian Poufs and floor pillows for Dorm Room


Indian Ottoman for Dorm room Decor

Bohemian Pouf for extra seating in dorm room

Boho indian poufs for dorms college room decor

colorful Indian Poufs for Dorm rooms

Black tufted ottoman for college dorm decor

Extra seating - Indian pouf for dorm room decoration

Now that you have filled your boring bland wall with cool dorm tapestry, bedding and duvet covers which is full of colors and have set up perfect seating with Ottomans, it's time to start an Inspiration Board filled with photos and can also accommodate lightings all around it.



15. Board with photos and lightings

You can hang a decorative memo board in your dorm room and use it to post things that inspire you and make you happy, whether it's a magazine cutout, a recipe, a quote or pictures of friends. This inspiration board will keep you striving forward each day in a positive way.

Board to post things

When moving to the college for freshman year, first few weeks of college are always a period of transition and adjustment. Bring cool pictures from your childhood bedroom into your new dorm bedroom to remind you of home like photographs and important people in your life. Now, any time you're homesick, you'll have little pieces of home mixed into your new space for comfort and support.

Board with photos of family and friends

Dorm room decor board to post family photos

Decorative dorm room boards



16. Transform a Bland Door with Indian toran door wall hangings

There's nothing attractive about the exterior of a dorm room door, but you can easily make it welcoming and design-worthy with goregoues handmade Indian torans also can be used as window treatments. We especially love this fun and colorful Indian Door wall hanging can instantly turn a contractor-grade door into a welcoming entryway to your paradise.

Indian door hangings for dorm rooms

Indian Toran for Dorm room Decoration

Handmade Window valance for dorm room

Indian Door Valance for dorm room decor



17. Decorative pillows for dorm room

Decorate your college room with decorative pillows which will transfer your dorm room in to instant splash of colors, these pillows don't exactly fill a purpose, but they will add a pop of personality to your room.


Kantha Pillow Covers for dorm room

Patchwork pillows for Dorm Room Decor

Indian Pillows and Indian Cushions for Dorm Room Decor



18.  Pretty And Preppy College posters for dorm rooms

College posters have always been a cheap dorm room decoration necessity and your posters should be something you're happy to look at every day, so pick carefully based on image and color scheme, popular themes are funny, inspirational , hippie psychedelic and meditation posters. Funny posters for college give your dorm room decor a sense of humor while a Bob Marley reggae poster will show your hippie side. Shopping for college should be fun after all, and cheap dorm items like posters will be instant hit. Create a positive sway with people and express yourself with these posters for your college dorm room. The poster you hang on your college wall is more than just something to cover the ugly clinker blocks. It's a symbol to everyone who walks by your room of who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going.

Buddha Tapestry

Bob Marley Tapestry


Bohemian Dorm room Tapestry



19. Fairly Lighting with Tapestries

Fairy Lighting is becoming essential part of any dorm room decor. Sometimes its nice to have a soft light to turn on when you're just not feeling the harsh fluorescent overhead light of your dorm and want to relax.

Trippy psychedelic Tapestry

Blue Ombre Mandala Tapestry



20. Canopy for Meditation and love making

Mandala Dorm Room Tapestry


Mandala Dorm Bedding

Sun and moon tapestry

Mandala Picnic Mat - Hippie Tapestry

Although many college students are enjoying their Summers, July is a perfect time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your dorm room. We at Jaipur Handloom have plenty of options to help you out, decor your living space , college dorm space or bedroom area with our gorgeous collection of Hippie decorative tapestries and wall hangings. They come in various styles and pattern which will make your room remarkable and outstanding. These gorgeous wall tapestries comes  into colorful designs mandala, hippie, trippy, bob marley, batik, gypsy, fairy, tie dye, medallion, embroidered, psychedelic, asian, psychedelic, design to instant make over to your dorm room walls.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved with the copyright owners of images used in this post courtesy Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr.


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How to hang dorm tapestry

Tapestries can be beautiful decorations for dorm rooms and walls that need something a little extra or looking just bland. These so called dorm tapestries can also add texture to walls and dampen noise.

Great,  so you have now bought cool college dorm tapestries from your favorite online store and are very excited to hang it in your dorm room. Buying a dorm tapestry was enough difficult task in itself to select from thousands of prints and varieties which now comes with even more challenging job of hanging it without damaging the dorm room walls specially when dorm supervisor or house owner won't allow you to use nails, hammer and drill machines on walls.  So the next question which comes to our mind is on how to hang dorm tapestry without using nails, wall brackets, hammer, drill machine and rods but nothing to worry about it. Here comes our simple magical technique to hang your cool college tapestry damage free without using nails or rods.

You will need  only 2 things to hang dorm tapestry:


adhesive strips

You can buy small size adhesive strips from your local store, Wal-Mart or Amazon store .



Use smaller size clothespin to hang your colorful dorm tapestry. Cut adhesive strips in 2 pieces equally so they are small enough to not visible from behind the clothespin.

Follow these simple steps to hang dorm tapestry:


How to hang dorm tapestry

How to Hang dorm tapestry

 How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry

How to hang dorm tapestry


You can also watch this video showing how to hang dorm tapestry in coolest way:

Credit/Source: Drea's DIYs

You’ve picked out the perfect wall tapestry, you’ve cleared a spot on your wall, and then you have literally no idea what to do next. At the same time you want to drape this beautiful dorm room college tapestry on your wall to take that breathtaking instagram ready picture to share with your friends, just follow  above simple steps to get  that perfect picture.

 Here are some of the cool dorm room tapestries inspirations:


dorm room decor ideas

source: instagram


dorm room decor ideas

source: instagram


dorm room decor ideas

source: instagram


dorm room decor ideas

source: instagram


dorm room decor ideas

source: instagram


dorm room decor ideas

source: instagram

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Plum and bow Mandala Tapestry by JaipurHandloom

This plum and bow tapestry, made of soft, colored cotton, is decorated with a medallion pattern, so much beloved by all tapestry fans. The color of the item is purple, but no photo is able to give you an idea of how many shades of this noble color are used in the tapestry. Plum and bow medallion tapestry is the best decision for decorating a wall in the Boho-style flat.  This piece will become the brightest accent in your room and will add a nice touch to the hall, if you are planning to use it in large premises. If there is a bed, a chair or any other item of furniture to be topped off in your room – the plum & bow medallion tapestry will fit perfectly for that task too. You will find many examples of its’ usage in the interior in our gallery. Take a look at below pictures for some ideas on how to décor your beautiful walls in the house.

Going out for breakfast al fresco? Gathering on the beach with friends? Take a plum & bow tapestry and its shining positive colors, matching so good with the natural landscapes, will make your day even brighter. We can show you tapestry sofa for home decoration.




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Vintage Kantha Quilts Blankets handmade by women from Rural Rajasthan.

 After having to work and sell kantha work, I know more about these quilts and want to share them with you if you’re not too familiar with these beauties.

First, they originate from India and Bangladesh. I like them because they’re reversible and lightweight but more than that, these cotton quilts are usually quite colorful with gorgeous patterns and patches. They are constructed by hand by sewing layers of cloth and often vintage saris together and then stitched using a traditional, delicate “Kantha” stitch. They have become more and more popular over the past several years in western interiors and you can find them online in these shops listed below in case you fancy owning one (or ten).

I own several and stack them on top of my white wooden cabinet in my sitting room – then they are available for warmth when snuggling on the sofa at night and by day, add color to the room and a jolt of personality.

Few reasons to Own your kantha Quilt:




  1. This understated and elegant sleep space. Most kantha quilts are double sided, so they’re great for introducing an instant mixing and matching of patterns to add interest to a neutral bedroom scheme. To create this look, use a crisp white bedcover and layer your Kantha quilt over the top (turn down the top of your blankets for a peek at the pattern underneath). Make sure you stagger them, so that one quilt sits higher than the other — this way both quilts are on display. Find accessories like books, plates or cushions that echo some of the colors in the quilt to tie the look together; in this case, there are pink and yellow accessories. 



  1. This table setting. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Vintage Sari Kantha Quilts make stunning tablecloths! There is no need for fancy cutlery or crockery here, because all eyes will be focused on the beautiful table cover. I’ll also let you in on a little secret: This floral pattern is the ultimate disguise for spills and drips at dinnertime.




  1. These winter warmers. Looking for a lap blanket or something to take the edge off the cold when dining outdoors? Lightweight and well sized, kantha blankets are perfect for popping on your lap. Draped over the back of chairs, they can be accessed with ease.



  1. This upholstered chaise. Like a knight in shining armor, this handsome kantha fabric has been draped across the seating area of this stunning pink velvet antique sofa. 

    Tip: If you’re eager to try some DIY upholstering, I recommend using proper upholstery thread, not regular sewing cotton, and make sure you use good-quality foam, too. This will ensure that your hard work will stand the test of time. 



  1. This vibrant and exotic sleep space. By far my favorite thing to do with Twin kantha Throws is to layer them on top of one other as bedding or use them as sofa throws, as their lightweight nature makes them perfect for the job. Just like layering your clothes, this technique adds physical warmth, but also a casual elegance that seems like you haven’t tried too hard. Take this bedroom, for instance; the mixture of colorful embroidery draws the eye to the focal point of the room, the sleep space, but also the precious light coming from the window. colorful kantha brings the energy to the room which is topped by layer of plain black kantha blanket for a full contrast.



  1. This showstopping scalloped chair. The colors and patterns found in these blankets are so versatile that whatever the combination, they seem to work together. Here, a cheery scalloped chair has been upholstered in a kaleidoscope of kantha fabric made from vintage saris. 



  1. These colorful ottomans. Resting your feet has never been so stylish with ottomans and footstools covered in heavenly kantha fabric. They are such a statement piece even when not in use. Plus, they’re practical — you’ll thank yourself for these handy seats when you’re fumbling around with your shoelaces. If you aren’t feeling brave enough to slice up your quilts, hire a professional to upholster the seats for you.



  1. And this headboard. An intricately shaped headboard calls for a more permanent attachment of the quilt, so it remains firmly in place. This would make a great project for a kantha quilt with damage on one side. What a nice way to preserve retired, worn blankets.


  1. These Kantha Throw PillowsWhen shopping for kantha quilts, it is sometimes hard to choose which one or two that you should buy. Keep in mind that they can be made into pillows, which means you can take advantage of all the colors and patterns available. 

    Tip:If you decide to make the pillows yourself, try using plastic snaps instead of zippers, as they are much easier to attach. I also recommend using a variety of kantha fabrics, so your pillows aren’t too matchy- matchy. There is beauty in mixing, especially when it comes to kanthas.




10. This headboard. Attaching a beautiful kantha quilt to a headboard is a creative way to preserve and display a precious blanket. As most kantha quilts are double sided, I would recommend a semipermanent method of attachment — such as safety pins or Velcro — so that you have the option to flip the quilt and show off the reverse side.


 11. These Vintage kantha pillowsLet’s take the pillow love one step further and use kantha for pillowcases. While store-bought kantha pillowcases are not as readily available as pillows, I love this idea for old kantha blankets that are torn or damaged but still have lots of good fabric left.


12. This wall hanging. Each kantha quilt is like an original piece of art and deserves to be treated as such. Hang your kanthas on the wall and they will be adored by all. And the bonus of a kantha wall hanging is that you can turn it over to reveal the pattern on the reverse side whenever you’re ready for a change.


13.To hang your kantha quilt, fold over the top edge about an inch and stitch it into place (either by hand or machine). This will create a channel where you can insert a curtain rod or something similar. You can attach rope or ribbon to this rod to hang it on the wall or simply position the rod between two hooks or brackets on the wall.


14.This throw. Are you still unsure of what to do with your kantha quilts? When in doubt, throw one just about anywhere in your home. It’s hard to go wrong with such a beautiful and versatile Queen Kantha Throws!







Inside peek at Kantha worker’s life- We support them as best as we can

The story of the kantha blanket begins with the sari vendors. Kitchenware peddlers by day, they travel to rich women's homes to trade cooking pots and spoons for old saris. At night the kitchenware peddlers become sari vendors, spreading their wares in deserted markets and dimly lit alleys.


Kantha work is essentially a folk art of Indian women. These country side women give expression to their wishes through the needlework and thread designs of Kantha work. It is an art that is passed from one generation to another. The Kanthas design offered enough room to display the contents of the mind of a woman. The women also drew heavily on the life they saw around them, reflecting a social conscience. The woman would often narrate with needles,threads and stitches the various incidents of her, from her birth. Their numbers and symbols are associated freely and rhythmically assembled. The Kanthas, the quilt, the pillow covers and the small cloth bags all served to convert their home into beautiful art galleries.

We once believed that sari-vendors were part of West Bengal's charming folklore. But then we went to the sari markets.


These are the sari vendors' children. The one in front wants our camera.



Sari vendors: geniuses who knew that old cloth would become a commodity.




The Kantha blanket: six layers of vintage saris sewn together by a kantha stitch. 


Traditionally the poor woman's craft. Every mother teaches her daughter the kantha stitch and how to make her stitches small and straight. Every little girl, in turn, becomes a mother and makes kantha blankets for her children to keep them warm. No mother dreams that her daughter will suffer poverty and exploitation; yet many women and girls in Bangladesh are highly vulnerable to exploitation without access to dignified work.


Jaipur Handloom  is a team of textile enthusiasts partnering with talented artisan groups to bring you authentic, one-off textiles. By purchasing our handmade textiles, you offer dignified work to vulnerable women.


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