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Block Printed Indigo kantha quilt collection- A Colorful Affair by Jaipur Handloom

Design and printing 

Each sari is handprinted using a traditional block printing method to give it a unique look. A small wooden block with a specific pattern is tapped into a specially made mud before being applied to the fabric. This procedure is repeated until the cotton quilt is completely covered. The fabric is then sun dried for two days before the indigo dying process begins.

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What to Look for When Buying a Vintage Kantha Quilt Online

While each vintage kantha quilt is unique, there are a few characteristics that many of them will have in common. Fading, patching, and wear all add to the vintage kantha's allure; they sing with personality, substance, and culture. These are not the blankets for you if you want a brand-new Indian throw in pristine condition.
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