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Vintage kantha Quilts vs New Kantha Quilts – Which one to Buy and Where.?

If you’re struggling to make a decision on which Indian throw to bring home with you, you’re in the right, Jaipur Handloom can help you understand the difference between new kantha quilt and vintage kantha quilt.
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Where to buy High Quality Kantha Quilts?

Revitalize your home with the classic touch of these exceptionally  High Quality Kantha Quilts and Vintage kantha Throws by Jaipur Handloom. There is a wide range of quality, craftsmanship, and employment standards that produce High Quality Kantha products.
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Vintage Kantha Quilts Blankets handmade by women from Rural Rajasthan.

Kantha work is essentially a folk art of Indian women. These country side women give expression to their wishes through the needlework and thread designs of Kantha work. It is an art that is passed from one generation to another. The Kanthas design offered enough room to display the contents of the mind of a woman. The women also drew heavily on the life they saw around them, reflecting a social conscience. The woman would often narrate with needles,threads and stitches the various incidents of her, from her birth. Their numbers and symbols are associated freely and rhythmically assembled. The Kanthas, the quilt, the pillow covers and the small cloth bags all served to convert their home into beautiful art galleries.
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