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Vintage kantha Quilts vs New Kantha Quilts – Which one to Buy and Where.?

If you’re struggling to make a decision on which Indian throw to bring home with you, you’re in the right, Jaipur Handloom can help you understand the difference between new kantha quilt and vintage kantha quilt.
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Where to buy High Quality Kantha Quilts?

Revitalize your home with the classic touch of these exceptionally  High Quality Kantha Quilts and Vintage kantha Throws by Jaipur Handloom. There is a wide range of quality, craftsmanship, and employment standards that produce High Quality Kantha products.
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Where to buy kantha throw, kantha quilts - List of 5 Top Websites

Jaipur Handloom is an established brand with strong customer centric approach. Our top choice for purchasing bohemian indian vintage kantha quilts online at best prices and with extensive selection of kantha with plethora of choices is ofcourse  none other than Jaipur Handloom.

Kantha is a type of embroidery typical of Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, and in Bangladesh. Old saris are stacked on each other and hand-stitched to make a thin piece of cushion, light weight quilts, kantha throws, bedding, blankets, yoga mats, table cloths, bedspread and various other kantha items.

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