Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas : Indian Kantha Throw, Kantha Quilts & Kantha Blankets !!

Hi Guys!  Here I am presenting  how we can give a completely bohemian and vintage look to your bedroom, living room and dining room using beautiful hand stitched Indian kantha throws, kantha quilts, baby kantha blankets and handmade kantha bedding set designed and developed only in "INDIA".

We at Jaipur handloom cherishes one of our handmade jewel we called them " Kantha quilts" or Kantha Throw .

If you don't have any color and pattern choices in your mind on how to give a unique look to your bedroom then  you are at the right place. Beautifully hand stitched kantha quilts and kantha bedspread will make your bedroom magnificent. These kantha quilts come in multicolor and have various pattern that fits to all type of bedroom room interior. We can use them as kantha tablecloth, kantha table runner, kantha sofa throw, kantha beach blanket, kantha yoga mat, kantha bed cover, kantha picnic mat and many other ways.

What's Kantha Quilt  or Kantha Throw ?

kantha throws and kantha quilts are a one-of-a-kind cotton textile. Infused with the history and pride of their rich heritage, these wonderfully artistic and brightly coloured quilts are made by stitching together layers of old saris. Kantha throws or quilts provide an amazing kaleidoscope of colour, completely transforming and brightening up any living space with their fantastic details and vibrant colours. In other words these vintage throws are essentially a patched, quilted and vividly embroidered textile made entirely out of used cloth, in most cases old saris.

Here are some glimpses of these kantha quilts along with their patterns to show how they give a unique and bohemian look to your bedroom, living room and dining room interior. These ideas will definitely make you think buy these quilts without second thought:

 patchwork kantha quilt

 Get This Item: Vintage Patchwork Queen Kantha Bedspread

Paisley Kantha Throw

Get This Item: Paisley Kantha Quilt

 purple floral queen kantha quilt

Get This Item: Purple Floral Kantha Bed Cover

black ikat kantha throw

 Get This Item: Queen Ikat Black Kantha Blanket

white paisley kantha throw

Get This Item: White Paisley Queen Kantha Coverlet

indigo kantha blanket

Get This Item: Indigo Kantha Throw

wholesale kantha throw in queen size

Get This Item: Wholesale Kantha Throw Blankets

black floral kantha table cloth

Get This Item: Bohemian Kantha Tablecloth

vintage patchwork kantha bedding

Get This Item: Hand Stitched Kantha Baby Blanket (Photo Credit :

black and white polka dot kantha throw

Get This Item: Black and white polka dot kantha bedspread

purple queen kantha bedding

Get This Item: Purple Floral Kantha Quilt

silk sari kantha throw

Get This Item: Silk Sari Kantha Gudri Bedcover

wholesale vintage kantha throw

Get This Item: Wholesale Vintage Kantha Throw

queen patchwork kantha quilt

Get This Item: Floral Patchwork Queen Kantha Bedding

Sea blue floral kantha bedspread

Get This Item: Sea Blue Queen Kantha Bedspread

vintage sari kantha throw

Get This Item: Fair Trade Vintage Patchwork Kantha Throw

black paisley kantha quilt

Get This Item: Black Paisley Queen Kantha Quilt

white floral kantha throw

Get This Item: White Floral Queen Kantha Bedcover

I hope this information will help everyone who is looking for unique and hand crafted kantha bedding's , kantha quilts, kantha throws, kantha blankets, kantha table runner, kantha table cloth for their dreamy home.

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